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Welcome to Must Try Softer Productions

Must Try Softer Productions run by its founder and director Rosie Boulton who is joined by freelance producers from the Midlands to create specific projects. These producers include Melvin Rickarby, Sara Conkey, Perminder Khatkar and Helen Lennard.

In Spring 2020, Must Try Softer Productions was awarded a grant from the BBC Radio Indie Development Fund to forge new alliances, foster new talent and develop new programme content for Radio 3 in the Midlands

Must Try Softer Productions is a signatory of the Equality in Audio Pact.

Rosie's Biog


  • 1998 Sony Gold for music documentary The Club that Scott Built

  • 2001 nominated for Prix Italia for drama documentary series Signs of Life

  • Producer of 32 editions of Soul Music for Radio 4 and in 2002 winner of the Jerusalem Award

  • 2004 Prix Marulic Silver Drama Award for drama documentary The Language of Flowers by Tim Jackson

  • 2007 Prix Marulic Gold Drama Award for drama documentary Beethoven’s Variations by Tim Jackson

  • 2010, scripted, produced and directed Radio 4’s first improvised drama Orchestra

  • 2012 the Sandford St Martin Award for documentary Hearing Ragas

  • 2012 left BBC to set up Must Try Softer Productions in the Midlands.

  • 2016 BBC Drama Award for production and direction of Best Online Drama The Kindness of Time

A favourite programme was Hearing Ragas - Violinist Professor Paul Robertson's remarkable story of the Indian ragas he heard from within a coma, and the healing effect that Sir John Tavener's music had on him in his recovery.


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